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Be Insured And Proud With Us!

Insured And Proud was founded to drive awareness and access of insurance products to all communities, regardless of background or income level. Knowledge is power and when people know better they do better. That’s why we are committed to helping Millenials and Gen Xers plan their financial futures and build generational wealth via insurance solutions.

You and your family deserve nothing short of an exceptional insurance experience too. And that’s exactly what what the Insured And Proud team guarantees! We work for you to provide clarity and guidance, as well as ensure the best possible price for your needs.

Insured And Proud is more than a brokerage…it’s a lifestyle!

Meet Our Founder

Coming from a hard working household, Dominique Nimmons understands the importance of financial stability and the need for more education around planning and protecting your family’s future. She has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a masters degree in market research insights & analytics. After 10 years of managing budgets in corporate America, Dominique transitioned into the Life insurance industry. It was very clear to her that the individual’s budget was way more important than a brand’s budget! Plus, she noticed that there was a major need for people in her own community and beyond. 



It is also hard to ignore that more and more families are not prepared for the expenses that come with death, whether expected or not. That’s where education comes in! Dominique is passionate about helping people access the information they need to protect their family from funeral expenses.



As a life insurance broker, she is excited to be able to work with multiple life insurance companies to help our clients find the MOST AFFORDABLE plans for them.

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